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If you have run a business for more than two years, it likely has become crystal clear that you need an app to manage all your customers’ information. If you have several people on your team, you want to make information readily available to them when they need it, so your clients can get timely service.

If you have prospects that require frequent contact with your company before they make purchasing decisions, how do you track that? Who was the last team member to talk with them, and what was the status of this contact? For these reasons, customer relationship management (CRM) has become a frequently requested application by many businesses.

However, what many businesses find out when trying to implement CRM is that it can be expensive, complicated to implement, and difficult to use. Something’s wrong if you must spend thousands of dollars on licensing, consultants, and training. What most businesses are looking for is a secure, affordable, user-friendly, and smart solution to take over the email inbox, Rolodex, phone-contact list, client paper files, Excel client list, or any other of the multiple, tedious, manual tools most business owners must deal with regularly.

That’s why we are offering FailProof CRM, a CRM app. Say goodbye to your old, cumbersome tools without having to spend thousands of dollars and weeks or months learning a complex new system. If your team can use a browser, it can use FailProof CRM.


  • Integrates with all major business applications
  • Integrates with other FailProof web apps
  • Secure and restricted access to assigned team members
  • Accessible from any device
  • Contains all major features found in most popular CRM systems
  • Clear

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