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Every business should be wary of the term ‘custom software development’. If you aren’t careful, custom can quickly become costly. The truth is there aren’t many scenarios in which a software development company is ‘writing or developing code’ from a blank slate. Most companies today have libraries and frameworks to make their ‘custom development’ efficient. Unfortunately, they don’t always pass on the cost savings to you. So, if you hire a custom software development company, always ask many questions on what they mean by ‘custom development’.

Here is what we mean by offering our smart-solution FailProof Custom App. We understand that there are many unique businesses with unique requirements and work flows. We understand that some of our listed solutions don’t fit perfectly into every business workflow. We then use similar building blocks from our other solutions and customise them to your requirements. We learn how to understand your processes, determine the functions and features you need, and come up with a smart solution for fixed customisation costs, as well as ongoing hosting and maintenance costs. It’s a merger of the best of both worlds: the customisation you require with the affordability your budget demands.

Here is an example of how custom development work might be needed: Imagine you have new Internet of things (IoT)-enabled devices that you need to monitor, and you would like to have one dashboard to display all relevant information. If the particular devices have an API or other methods to collect and display data, our development team could draft a custom solution based on building blocks we currently use and any new code that might be required, then provide all relevant specs and costs.

There are several emerging scenarios in which custom development would be required for your business. We are confident that our smart solution would be a custom fit for your needs.

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