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Many experts are saying that to improve your business’s cash flow and get client payments quickly, your business should be using electronic invoices (e-invoicing). A popular online payment platform claims e-invoicing will get your invoices paid 80% faster.

Our FailProof Invoicing smart solution allows for a secure portal that can allow for simplified invoicing to your clients in a secure and effective format. The solution can be integrated with many of your current accounting, booking, and invoicing solutions that you are currently using.

Built on top of our FailProof business website, here are a few features you can expect:


  • Automatic progressive invoice numbering
  • Ability to customise invoice numbers with prefixes and suffixes
  • Automatic invoice-number reset at the beginning of the year
  • Manual invoice generation
  • Automatic invoice generation according to status
  • Ability to access invoices in a browser, download them onto a device, or create a PDF
  • Editable invoice template
  • Ability to track Deposits, down Payments, Prepayments and recurring Payments (subscriptions)
  • More features available as needs arise
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