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Today, your business continues to expand, and it relies heavily on information technology (IT), which includes traditional IT, such as servers, workstations, local networks, and software installation, as well as the fast-growing world of cloud services, including mobile devices, apps, and security and data governance.

You can see the ever-growing need to have one point person in your organisation who can take on a leadership role in laying out a vision and a strategy for the ever-growing complexity of your new IT solutions. You need a trusted advisor who understands the needs and demands of the business, while at the same time has in-depth knowledge of ever-changing and updating technology. However, most importantly, this individual needs to understand how to put it all together within the budget and with high team adoption to drive business growth.

This type of individual is what larger companies have used for years, and it’s called a chief information officer (CIO). Usually, companies with over 100 employees see a need for this position and could afford it. However, with the ever-encompassing reach of IT into every organisation of all sizes, this type of role is no longer linked with company size, but with IT utilisation or demand in an organisation.

We noticed this ever-growing demand and decided to create a smart solution that allows for your organisation to have access to these types of executive services when and how you need them.

We boast several members with combined IT and business operations experience of over 50 years, which we bring to every endeavour. Our smart solution would be independent of our own IT offerings, since it would be focused on laying out a vision, planning, and formulating strategies, in which technologies, methods, and systems would meet business objectives. Regarding technology providers and brands, we would make recommendations that include several options from which the business decision maker can choose. Our monthly pricing is also flexible to meet the needs of different companies sizes with different needs and budgets.


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