FailProof IT Support

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If your business faces a legal issue, you contact your legal team. If you have a problem with your finances or taxes, you contact your bookkeeper or accountant to look into the issue. However, what if you have a problem with your IT systems, which are at the centre of every business workflow now? Whom do you contact then? How do you deal with the dozens of issues or questions that come up? How does one format this spreadsheet with Office Excel? How can the printer print the correct size? The Mac and PC workstations need some maintenance. Is it possible to configure email for mobile devices?

You have contemplated hiring a full-time IT support staff, but to get someone of quality would not be cost-effective for your business at this time. Your primary IT professional is usually too busy to deal with these smaller matters right away, or it becomes too costly for such small requests. The rest of your team members try their best, but can’t always know the answers to the ever-changing landscape of IT questions and the result? Reduced productivity.

FailProof IT Support addresses these issues for a low, affordable, monthly subscription per named user, with only a required minimum of three users. Our dedicated technicians are available through phone, Skype, website chat and email.


  • FailProof Endpoint Security
  • FailProof Endpoint Management
  • Screen-sharing and remote access, when permitted, to resolve issues.
  • End-user support for desktop and mobile devices, including Windows and Mac/iOS, Android, and Windows phone
  • Network connectivity issues troubleshooting
  • Software application installation and troubleshooting
  • Custom software support (on a case by case basis)
  • Business Hardware troubleshooting
  • And miscellaneous support related to your specific or custom business needs
  • Other Smart Solutions