FailProof Encryption

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So, you have data that you would never want to be publicly accessible or inadvertently viewed or handled by those not granted access? You need FailProof Encryption.

The primary purpose of FailProof Encryption is to protect the confidentiality of digital data stored on computer systems or transmitted via the web or other computer networks. Encryption plays a vital role in the security of IT systems and communications, as it can provide not only confidentiality, but also the following key elements of security: authentication, or making data accessible only to verified users; integrity, or proof that the contents of data have not been changed by unauthorised users; and non-repudiation, in which a user cannot deny accessing or changing data.

We offer this service as a stand-alone smart solution, as it’s usually an overlooked step for organisations that require it, but fail to implement it or find it too complex to implement. We create a custom solution with custom pricing to meet the detailed requirements of your organisation.

To begin the conversation, contact us or submit a request for proposal so we can begin to put together a smart solution for your organisation.

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