FailProof Server Backup

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Having a reliable backup is something every business owner knows is critical for his or her servers to protect against a potential data-loss disaster, yet most of us are too busy to sit down and implement a plan that is cost-effective and actually gets the job done.

FailProof Server Backup is our smart solution to help business owners implement a proper data-backup and disaster-recovery plan that best fits your business needs and requirements. We combine a set of smart solutions and technologies to give you every feature that is suitable for your business. Whether you want to back up whole Server OS images, high availability, cloud failover, files, or a combination of these, we can provide the best solutions for your needs.

The price is set per server, and a solution edition is required. We bundled the FailProof Cloud Storage solution to provide the most flexibility in server, edition, and storage needs. We also can configure a custom-backup and disaster-recovery plan best suited for a unique setup. We gather your requirements and present several options and prices. To begin the conversation, contact us or submit a request for proposal so we can begin to put together a smart solution for your organisation.


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