FailProof Server Management

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We understand that not every business is willing or able to migrate away from traditional server setup into cloud solutions. For many years and in many businesses, Windows Server has remained the lifeblood and the core of many IT configurations. From file sharing, SharePoint, and Exchange, to remote desktops, office-shared applications, and many more offerings, servers play a critical role in keeping a business running. For this reason, it is critical to keep servers operating smoothly and keep an eye out for any potential errors or failure warnings.

We have heard about, and some of you have experienced, servers going offline for several hours – or days, in some instances -- practically shutting down business operations until the server is restored. What makes matters worse is that some of these failures were avoidable, had there been regular monitoring and management of the server.

For this reason, we are proud to introduce FailProof Server Management. This service will help your business achieve peace of mind, knowing that your server is being monitored 24/7. If any errors or failure warnings come up, e.g., a failing-hard-drive warning (very common), our team will develop a quick strategy to prevent or mitigate any failure.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Server resource alerts
  • Remote tech support with resolution
  • Hardware failure mitigation
  • Scheduled updates for OS and other supporter software
  • And more
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