FailProof Endpoint Management

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Just like any other machinery and infrastructure in business, IT equipment and devices need regular maintenance and care. We provide this smart solution to ensure our clients have the peace of mind in knowing their workstations and devices are updated, maintained, and monitored for any issues, errors, or failures.

We configure our solution to alert users concerning any situation that we need to monitor. For example, imagine you have a workstation hard drive on which you store large files that you work on using your local computer. Let’s say this hard drive begins to issue failure warnings or errors. With proper monitoring, we could be alerted to this situation, migrate files, and replace the hard drive. The alternative would be an unexpected failure, which at best would cause down time, and at worst, a crash that destroys valuable data.

Our FailProof Endpoint Management smart solution allows for this and many more issues to be mitigated and handled before they become major problems. This is a bundled smart solution with FailProof Smart Office Suite or FailProof Support Helpdesk Plus to offer maximum value to your business.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Server resource alerts
  • Remote tech support with resolution
  • Hardware failure mitigation
  • Scheduled updates for OS to other supporter software
  • And more
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