FailProof Password Management

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Passwords are the keys to our digital kingdoms, but for some of us, they have become the bane of our digital existence. The worst part is that the number of passwords we require for business on a daily basis is only increasing. Sticky notes and notepads were out of style years ago, and documents or spreadsheets containing your passwords no longer cut it, especially as far as security. Beyond that, if you finally started using an app on your desktop or mobile device, you don’t always have them available on each device. Finally, if you opted for an online service, you find that it’s still not very convenient for sharing with team members, it can be costly, and worst of all, some of the most popular password cloud services keep reporting security issues, which make your passwords vulnerable anyway.

For this and many other reasons, we provide our FailProof Passwords smart solution. We set up and configure a multi-user, web-based, secure solution that you can access from a mobile device, browser, web widget, or secure website.

We bundled a feature-packed solution into FailProof Smart Office Suite. It will improve overall security and convenience when you finally have a secure and effective password-management solution.


  • Secure code and data
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Mobile client support
  • Real-time notifications
  • Role-based access control
  • Active directory integration
  • Reset passwords everywhere
  • Auditing and compliance reporting
  • Two-factor authentication (optional)
  • Browser extension for website logins
  • And more
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