A Canadian Cloud Solutions Provider for MSPs, VARs, and IT Professionals!

When trying to deploy a great solution to their SMB clients, there are three main hurdles that MSPs, VARs and IT professionals face. First – the high cost of hardware. This usually takes up over 50% of the proposal. Second – the high and complex costs of traditional licensing which takes another big chunk of every proposal. Third – the struggle to keep system engineer’s skills current with the fast pace of constantly changing innovation and skills needed to deploy highly complex and integrated solutions. Further, these hurdles lead to ever decreasing margins which create a lot of pressure for the IT professional trying to survive in this constantly fast changing work environment. Add to that the potential challenge of direct-to-client cloud services and IT businesses are really feeling the heat.

Cloud computing, although it can seem threatening, actually offers the promise that these challenges can be overcome; and if harnessed properly, it offer the potential to take IT businesses to a whole new level. However, from our experience, we would say not every cloud solutions provider understands the requirements of the channel and the SMB market they serve.

For example, we know that MSPs and VARs need predictable pricing. They need to nurture client relationships, maintain client data sovereignty and offer geographic options. The ability to create highly integrated and customized solutions can offer the IT Professional a huge opportunity to revitalize and restructure their IT business into a more efficient and profitable venture. Unfortunately, there aren’t many such solutions available in the market place.

Cloud computing services

FailProof Technology is your Canadian cloud solutions provider and partner to cloud services with a comprehensive solution set. We deliver everything from our powerful IaaS platform, FailProof-Cloud, to a dynamic catalogue of popular business solutions, all served up with the SMB marketplace in mind. We complete our offering with system admin services provided by our team of certified server engineers, and marketing services, to help your business promote your new cloud services provider (CSP) business. We are also developing, a soon to come, FailProof Academy; to help your business grow in every area.
We are with you every step of the way as you transform your MSP, VAR and IT professional business into a CSP business, and lead your customer base to high quality, customized cloud services.

We don’t stop there. Our goal is to help you grow into a world class CSP, helping your business grow in two key ways:

  • First, we work with you to establish an annuity revenue stream with your current customer base, while we flatten your revenue stream by optimizing your peaks and filling in your valleys.
  • Second, we help you in the acquisition of new customers and business opportunities based around cloud services.

Next, we bring this message to the market place, where we are looking to partner with visionary MSPs, VARs and IT Professionals who share our vision, and see the great potential of developing a cloud services business.