Akaid Diaz

Akaid Diaz


Akaid Diaz is the founder and visionary of FailProof Technology. He currently serves as President and Chief technical architect and designer of FailProof-Cloud.

His IT career began in the late 1990’s and was ramped up in the year 2000, when he opened the virtual doors of one of Canada’s first online retail IT stores. He began to build his customer service and solution building skills as his company serviced hundreds of customers from coast-coast, from SMB, Universities, to large municipalities. The company focused on bringing real time pricing and availability to online shoppers for IT hardware, software and services.

Drawing from his early years delivering integrated commercial hardware and software solutions online, his future in Cloud provisioning began to take shape.

After maximizing his integration skills he began to refine his focus on the IT services industry and rounded out his expertise delivering comprehensive MSP services to the SMB marketplace in his community. This is when he started to see the need and the promise that cloud computing holds for the SMB market.

Always with an eye on the roiling technology horizon, Akaid saw a major shift in the way computing would be delivered to the business community and the everyday consumer, and realized that large upfront capital expenditures would become a thing of the past.

At that point, FailProof Technology, Inc. was born and our journey begins.

Case Boskers

Case Boskers

VP of Client Success

Case Boskers is Akaid’s business partner. Having, for a period, been a client with his own business Case joins the team as VP for client’s success.

Case’s experience is high school science teacher and – in partnership with his wife – full line music retail business owner for 20 years. His experience in the computing world comes from his business experience – constantly looking to improve the information management system of the business.

Learning as he went, Case – working initially with part time ‘University student’ staff computer whizzes and then later with Akaid Diaz as their IT professional – transitioned the business from ‘no computers’ cash register sales, card system for accounts receivables and payables, and hand counting inventory – to fully integrated POS (Point of Sale) and 700+ student music school management systems. A 10+ computer network system managed all the product sales, instrument rentals, customer service, inventory control, accounts payable & receivable, 30+ staff payroll, basic accounting, and the music school as well as the usual Internet product and sales aids. The Cloud computing concept was introduced while developing a system that would enable off site sales transactions at trade shows.

After selling their business in 2010, Case stayed in contact with Akaid and joined him on the journey as a business mentor and investor. Case will provide oversight to customer relations and general client success.

Combined with the change in vocation focus, Case and his wife, Jan, relocated their home base late in 2014 – leaving Lethbridge, Alberta after 34 years, and moving to Edmonton, Alberta – to be closer to their 4 young grandchildren.

Avi Samocha

Avi Samocha

Lead IT Engineer

Avi Samocha – owner of Sagacity-IT and a freelance IT consultant is part of the FailProof Technology Inc team as the Lead IT Engineer. Avi joined Akaid to take on the IT engineering responsibilities early in 2014.

Working directly with Akaid, he is responsible for deploying, managing and maintaining our FailProof Cloud services sitting on our FailProof Cloud, IaaS platform.

Avi comes with extensive knowledge and experience in the IT industry, including: cloud solutions, virtualization, information security, business continuity and more. He holds many IT certifications, but most important, an extensive hands-on experience. Working as an IT integrator in the past, he designed, deployed and managed complex networks and solutions for organizations small to large in different IT industries.