Cloud computing is a term which a lot of businesses are becoming familiar with and it’s a technological shift that is changing the way we do business. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is at the core of the technological shift and it’s has become an important resource – just like energy or electricity. There are several large, multinational corporations in this space and they offer a host of services to the public. We think a resource as important as this needs to have local companies who understand their client needs and the region they are servicing.
For that reason, we developed FailProof Cloud. Located in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada, our IaaS platform is built to provide a strong foundation for our client’s solutions. Because we developed our own platform, we have the flexibility and capacity to meet the exact needs of our clients. We can allocate and augment the resource as needed while focusing on our client’s business growth. Our platform decisions are based on the needs of our local clients and we don’t need to rely on a foreign multi-national corporation to address them.
We are confident that all the effort we put into building this platform can run any solution that your business requires. Our platform can run and host a number of solutions such as security, backup, collaboration, CRM, ERP, databases, business web apps to name a few.